Some of the common questions that are asked by any investor

How did you calculate market potential? How do you determine industry sales and growth rate? It is all too common for entrepreneurs to include very large market potential figures in their business plans and then indicates that they require only a minuscule fraction (e.g. one per cent) of the market to achieve their revenue projections. These figures are often very suspect. If the company is capturing...


10 ways to Finance your Startup

Along with every entrepreneur journey to success, there comes a point where the choice is either to fund the business or watch your company collapse. Funding finance is really challenging, whether it’s for the startup, or for the capital to expand the business. When you have a proper business plan for your startup and you know how much funds you need, and where you will...


Enhance your Business by Attending Coworking Events

Have you made a decision to join a coworking space? If so, then you must be aware of the fact that most of the coworking spaces are quick to highlight their event calendar. It’s not a secret anymore that attending coworking events boost your Marketing. Events in a coworking space bring people together which help them connect and share ideas and attending these events can...


5 Critical Success Factors for New Venture Development

Being a founder of an early-stage startup, you will have to wear many hats. As you enjoy the perks of being a boss, there is a flip side to it as well, the startup will be full of risk and uncertainty. A startup has to go through a lot of struggles and challenges that an established business doesn’t have to worry about. To save the...


10 common mistakes made by new Entrepreneurs

Doesn’t entrepreneurship seem to be an exciting and gratifying experience? You can set your own rules and enjoy the perks once your company becomes successful. But, before that an entrepreneur has to face a darker side and there will always be a haunting probability that the business might collapse. Besides this, what differentiates a successful business man from a good one is the ability to...


Aligning People and Culture in an Organization

One of the most important aspects of an organization is People, as they are the one who provides the required skills and abilities that eventually makes an organization work. In order to be successful, it is necessary to value your employees and also ensure that you have the people that you need in the organization. A company’s positive culture must be in the top on...


Co-working and Startups

Ever thought that the workplace might affect your productivity? It’s your environment that is shaping you. You might not have realized it yet, but it does matter where you work and build your startup. In this era people are choosing to work on their own so the number of freelancers and entrepreneurs are increasing and for that they need a workspace, most of them are...